Access all your medical records

Medical Records offers you a simple access to all your medical data, and have a full control on it.

Health Improving for All

Good health is a human right & you have the potential to help every human in this wolrd to acquire it.

Better Health for tomorrow

Leaving medical records to research is your way to improve your grandchildren lifes

Our Purposes

Build a world wide Medical Records Ledger for humanity

Single Entry point

Either it’s your regular prescriptions, your blood analysis, your x-ray radio or any other source of your medical records, we aim to provide you with one single and unique entry point to it.

Borderless Access

You need or want to travel to another city or country in the world, than do without bothering your mind with your medical records being available there. We aim to provide all regions of the world with the same platform.

Improved health for All

You always dreamed of helping humans around the world. Then you have now the chance to do with your medical records by providing a feedback from your personal health experience to people going throw the same path as you did.

Heritage for the Humanity

It’s not just about you & us, it’s about human kind. We have the momentum and we have the technology that will enable us to build a Global Medical Records Heritage to serve all future generations with our experience and help them achieve a healthier life.

Enablers we rely on

We rely on every piece of energy to achieve our purposes

Built in the Open

Open-Source is our ultimate conviction. Open Ideation, Open Contribution and Open Building are fundamentals that we base our approache on to build this Global Medical Records ledger for Humanity

Backed by Governments

Governments backup and support are of extreme necessity. Health policies are Government’s mission and should stay this way to afford every citizen fair access to medical assistance. Our goal is only to provide them with adapted tools.

Enhanced by Public Research

Close collaboration with Publish Health Research organisations. Health improving is a continuous process needing citizens help with anonymous medical records data to get a better understanding of health condition changes and come with the best solutions.

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